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From Sergey Pariev <>
Subject Re: Help with memory leak using Tomcat
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:45:10 GMT
There was a discussion on this topic on Hibernate forum:
If you find how to solve it, please let us know - I'm currently having 
the same problem :).

Regards, Sergey.

sudip shrestha wrote:

>I have experienced similar kind of memory leak, but that was while
>reloading the context. There was a steady increase in the memory usage
>after each autoReload of my struts 1.2.7-hibernate 2.1.8 powered
>webApp in Tomcat 5.5.7/JDK 1.5/Fedora Core 2.
>At the beginning: the process memory used by tomcat was 6.6%, then
>after each reload it went on slight increase such as: 7.8%, 8.3%,
>8.8%, 9.1%, 10.1%, 10.7%....Then I shutdown the tomcat server and
>restarted the server, I saw the memory usage as 6.4%, then on the next
>reload the usage was 7.9%.....
>Meanwhile, the Java memory ( Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() –     
>Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory() ) seem to stay pretty
>stabilized....So, basically only process memory is increasing...which
>tells me that there is a leak in native memory.
>I saw similar threads like this when somebody had memory leaks with
>application reload/startup/shutdown with Tomcat Manager webapp...
>I am also looking for a good direction to move ahead.
>On 6/10/05, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>>Does your profiling tool tell you the classes of the objects being
>>created? Can you take a snapshot at two points in time, compare them and
>>see what is  different? If we know the class of the objects being
>>created, it gives us a pretty good pointer as to where to start looking.
>>Without this information, it is needle in haystack time.
>>If your profiler doesn't do this, you probably need to get a new profiler.
>>Ed Hamilton wrote:
>>>I posted something similar to the Tomcat bug list and was asked to move it
>>>here.  My first mailing to this list, so please correct any gaffes on my
>>>I'm running Tomcat 5.5.9; isapi redirector 1.2.13; J2SE; JDBC
>>>3.1.8a;  to support 2 very low volume websites.  I have some kind of memory
>>>leak which triples tomcat's memory usage over about 4-5 days.
>>>I downloaded and installed AppPerfect profiler, and it shows a steady,
>>>consistent increase in objects and a corresponding decrease in the heap
>>>size.  Even with my webserver shutdown and no Tomcat usage, this leak is
>>>persistent. The memory leak checker portion of AppPerfect reports multiple
>>>memory leaks (even with the web server shutdown as I mentioned.)
>>>Can anybody help me figure out how to find out where this is coming from?
>>>Best regards,
>>>Ed Hamilton
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