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From Sastry Malladi <>
Subject Issue with the "admin" webapp
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 22:40:17 GMT
I've noticed that when I use the "admin" web app (the default one that 
comes with
tomcat distribution) and click on "commit changes",  the SSL connector 
in server.xml seems to get corrupted. As a result, tomcat can not be 
restarted. This happens
whether or not I actually change any parameters through the admin page, 
before I click
on "commit changes".

For example, there are extra duplicate attributes on the SSL connector 
entry :
   secure="true" keystore=".." protocol="TLS"

If I remove the duplicate attributes manually, and then restart, it 
works ok.

Has anyone else noticed this ? Is this a known issue ? I'm using tomcat 


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