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From blijblijblij <>
Subject Re: Running tomcat on Debian Sarge
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 19:50:36 GMT wrote:
> Well . . . he said he was a newbie . . . 

Jep, green as grass :-) Going to give it another try this weekend, 
thanks for all the tips... Keep you guys posted. Thanx

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>>I have never installed any debian-tomcat/apache package. I simply download 
>>source from apache and build my own. 
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>>Sent: June 9, 2005 6:09 AM 
>>To: Tomcat Users List 
>>Subject: Re: Running tomcat on Debian Sarge 
>>Debian has a Tomcat 4.1 (4.1..31-3 to be exact) package for the "Sarge" 
>>distribution. The Sarge distribution is now the official "stable" release. 
>>If you're OK with Tomcat 4.1 and you're running Sarge, you can edit 
>>/etc/apt/sources.list: (omit all quotation marks) "deb 
>> sarge main non-free contrib" "deb-src 
>> sarge main non-free contrib" (or whatever 
>>your mirror site may be). As root, run (omit the quotation marks) "apt-get 
>>update", then 
>>"apt-get install tomcat4" 
>>"apt-get install tomcat4-webapps" 
>>"apt-get install tomcat4-admin" (if you want the admin webapp) or "apt-get 
>>install tomcat4 tomcat4-webapps tomcat4-admin" all at once. To be able to 
>>run the admin and manager apps, you'll need to edit 
>>/usr/share/tomcat4/conf/tomcat-users.xml to include a user and password for 
>>the rolls of admin and manager. Blackdown has a Debian package for J2SE 1.4 
>>jdk which you can install by adding "deb 
>>sarge non-free" to sources.list. Then run "apt-get install j2sdk1.4" When I 
>>last checked, they also had a package for the jk2 connector but theirs does 
>>not support JNI (and jk2 is deprecated). Best bet is to download the jk1 
>>source and build it yourself. 
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>>>Just install the Tomcat jars and read the Tomcat docs. 
>>>We are running Tomcat on Debian also. 
>>>And probably Debian has got some packages of tomcat. 
>>>On Wed Jun 08 23:13:06 CEST 2005 Tomcat Users List 
>>>>Anybody here who knows a foolproof site for setting up tomcat under 
>>>>debian?! I'm an newbie when it come to tomcat on linux, but I really 
>>>>would like this to work... Al I seem to be getting is an connection 
>>>>refused on my localhost... Some pointer could be handy, but I seem to be 
>>>>having problems googling for the correct manuals/howto's. 
>>>>Thanks in advance! 
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