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From Mark Leone <>
Subject Re: IE-Page not found problem
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 01:47:03 GMT
If users are having this problem only when the server is serving content 
from a protected context in Tomcat, then it is highly likely that you 
have run into this.

It's something in IE that most people would call a bug, but MS has 
chosen to call a feature. The problem occurs when Tomcat appends cache 
control headers (i.e. "cache-control:no-cache" and "pragma:no-cache") 
that indicate no caching is allowed by HTTP intermediaries. However, IE 
interprets these headers to mean that temporary storage in the client is 
also forbidden. So IE attempts to write the file to temporary storage as 
it does for all file downloads, and cancels the operation when it 
encounters the cache control headers. Then the app or file system 
(depending on whether you're running or saving the file) tries to find 
the file, doesn't find it, and cleverly reports that the site is 

To fix it, you simply have to configure Tomcat to not set the cache 
control headers when serving content from a protected context. Create a 
valve as follows, and put it in the appropriate <context/> element. Make 
sure to substitute the class for whatever type of authentication you're 

<Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.DigestAuthenticator"
          disableProxyCaching="false" />

It's a silly problem. I ran in to it a while back, and it really 
mystified me until I found the bug write-up. Tomcat is doing the right 
thing, but MS has declared that IE is working "as designed" in this. 
FWIW, the HTTP spec is clear that the no-cache behavior applies to HTTP 
intermediaries, not user agents.


sudip shrestha wrote:

>I have a struts-hibernate powered webapp running off a debian box, jdk
>1.5 and tomcat 5.5.7....
>I have IE users complaining about page not found problems from time to
>time where as Firefox users never. I myselft have never encountered
>this problem as I use Firefox....This led me to thinking that this
>might be a IE problem...Any suggestions on how to move ahead on the
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