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From Jaroslav Záruba <>
Subject xmlns-declaration missinterpreted as custom-tag library prefix
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 09:57:31 GMT

I'm creating JSP out of XML using XSLT; and I wasn't able to find a
way of transforming XML using XSLT (without a "post-production")
without creating new xmlns-declaration attributes. Those declarations
are later missinterpreted as tagLib prefixes so I'm unable to parse
the result as JSP. :o(

Why at all Tomcat/Jasper looks after any attribute prefixes and tries
to bind them with any tag libraries? ... when (to my knowledge)
attribute always must belong to a custom-tag which already contains
the tagLib-prefix?
I'm not claiming this is unavoidably wrong behaviour and
must-be-fixed! (although I'm close to it); but if I knew how to tell
Tomcat/Jasper "ignore atribute-prefixes when parsing custom-tags" I
would be a very happy person. :o/

Or is there a way one could ommit xmlns-declarations when transforming
XML using XSLT (while preserving MY OWN custom-tags with their tagLib
prefixes) ... ?

Right now it seems to me that one simply can't easily create JSP's
with custom-tags out of XML.
(I'm quite a beginner in the business; so I don't want to make experts
angry and I'm only questioning and searching for help. :o)

  Jaroslav Záruba

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