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From Øyvind Johansen <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and Internet Explorers caching
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 10:39:24 GMT
You may be right, but I think it's just our weird way of combining
jsp/servlets with a magnet card reader that takes IE off guard. 

Heres a typical example: 

User uses his user card on our magnet card reader. 
The reader tells our client (which implements IE through an ActiveX control,
don’t ask why).
The reader creates an URL which sends the card information to a servlet as a
parameter. Ie "/Servler?paramname=paramval".
The servlet handles the request and determines where the users should go (1
page for normal users, another for admins etc).

When Automaticly is set, this makes IE return the page of the last user that
was successfully using the server (in which IE saved these pages in the
cache). This means that user A may get the admin interface even though he
isn't an administrator.

In the web-application log, nothing happens when this behaviour shows
itself. The web-app always logs all user-logins, and the lack of this proves
that IE simply isn't sending the request to the server...

Did it become clearer?

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Fra: Allistair Crossley [] 
Sendt: 22. juni 2005 12:09
Til: Tomcat Users List
Emne: RE: Tomcat and Internet Explorers caching


Not an answer as such, but all our dev machines (and we do LOTS of changes
per 5 minutes) have Automatically switched on, and we don't experience this

Like I say, not a solution, but perhaps you are looking in the wrong

Cheers, Allistair.

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> From: Øyvind Johansen []
> Sent: 22 June 2005 11:11
> To: 'Tomcat Users List'
> Subject: Tomcat and Internet Explorers caching
> Hello!
> Our web-application uses a combination of JSP-pages and a controller
> servlet. When viewing these pages with Internet Explorer 
> weird things tend
> to happen. I found out that if Internet Explorers caching is set to
> "automatic" checking for newer versions on the server 
> everything goes wrong.
> Instead of sending requests to the servlet, IE just simply 
> takes an answer
> from its cache, and thus presenting the wrong results. When 
> changing the
> setting to "always" the problem disappears.
> Now, telling every user to change this setting would require 
> almost as much
> work as convincing them that Firefox and/or Opera are much 
> better. So, are
> there any ways to tell IE that it shouldn't cache my 
> servlet/jsp-pages?
> Regards,
> Øyvind Johansen
> ElectricTimeCar
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