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From delbd <>
Subject Re: [Q] when to share jars
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:18:34 GMT
The best place to search for this info is in the library website. You found 
the problem of log4j by trail / error? if you had read the log4j doc, it's 
written explicitly, do not put log4j in the shared lib of your container or 
you won't be able to have a different config per webapp.

For struts, it's written in doc you can't put 2 different mappings for the 
struts servlet, so it would also behave badly when put as shared library.

But what you can do is put some libraries struts depends on in shared/lib and 
struts itself in each webapp.

As a rule of thumb, ask your self if the library you are using requires any 
configuration or permanent state. If it does, ask yourself if you can afford 
this configuration to be shared by all web applications. If any of the 
answers is no, then you can't put them in shared/lib

Le Mardi 14 Juin 2005 11:57, Charl Gerber a écrit :
> When do you share jars (struts, log4j, jstl, etc) for
> webapps in the common/lib directory and when does each
> app need its own "copy" of the jars?
> Log4j we've found by trail and error is better to have
> a jar per webapp, as the loggers seems to overwrite
> each other, but which commonly used jars (struts,
> jstl) can be shared?
> Thanks
> Charl
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