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From Vernon <>
Subject What is wrong with TC or something else?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 18:05:57 GMT

I already have this project in the stable status for
some time. After updating a few of libraries, the TC
container acts weird. A session seems to get timeout
right away soon after it is created. Here is a paire
of related log message I spot in the log file:

2005-06-03 09:54:54,500 DEBUG
[org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase] - Start
expire sessions StandardManager at 1117817694500
sessioncount 4
2005-06-03 09:54:54,500 DEBUG
[org.apache.catalina.session.ManagerBase] - End expire
sessions StandardManager processingTime 0 expired
sessions: 0

How I can pin down the cause of the problem? 

I need to get this project out of the door ASAP. Your
helps are much appreciated.



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