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From "Todd Huss" <>
Subject Clustering without farmwardeployer
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 16:39:14 GMT
We have a Tomcat cluster setup across 9 servers with clustering for session
replication. However, we are not using the farmwardeployer because we have
our own script that we use to shutdown each tomcat, deploy a fix version,
and then start it up again so we don't incur any downtime. However, we're
seeing some very unusual behavior.

After shutting down one node, deleting contents of webapps and work
directories, dropping in a new war, and restarting, the new files that get
exploded in the webapps directory are not those of the war dropped into the
webapps directory. They are instead the files from the previous war which is
no longer on the local filesystem. 

It leads me to believe that even though we have the farmwardeployer turned
off, that when we start tomcat in clustered mode, rather than exploding the
local war, it's getting the contents of the war from another node.

Any ideas?


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