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From <>
Subject Number of running threads
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 14:51:18 GMT
Having got nowhere with my previous query ( "Consecutive threads" ) I've
tried to create a much simpler example.

I modified the "Hello World" servlet to introduce a delay of around a
minute ( by adding a count loop ). I also made a copy of it as another
servlet. I then made about 12 calls to the two servlets. No more than
two threads were ever running. I could see from my browser that they
were effectively running one after the other. Why only two rather than
maxThreads? In my real-world problem a slow thread holds up a whole
stack of fast threads as they don't even start until it has finished.

The Server Configuration Reference ( )

"At server startup time, this Connector will create a number of request
processing threads (based on the value configured for the
minSpareThreads attribute). Each incoming request requires a thread for
the duration of that request. If more simultaneous requests are received
than can be handled by the currently available request processing
threads, additional threads will be created up to the configured maximum
(the value of the maxThreads attribute). If still more simultaneous
requests are received, they are stacked up inside the server socket
created by the Connector, up to the configured maximum (the value of the
acceptCount  attribute. Any further simultaneous requests will receive
"connection refused" errors, until resources are available to process

This doesn't seem to happen in my case.

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