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From Bernhard Slominski <>
Subject AW: AW: Load all JSP pages on startup
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:49:10 GMT
> > 
> > We have a custom (non-generated) web.xml, with some taglibs 
> > and servlets defined in there.
> > Precompilation is tomcat dependend I suppose?
> You're right precompliation is tomcat dependent, but it works 
> like this that
> the ant task takes your (non-tomcat dependent) web.xml and 
> just adds the
> mappings for the precompiled JSPs, so it would still be 
> possible to use one
> single web.xml and then have a jsp server target-dependent 
> precomplitation
> task, but I don't know how that works in resin or Weblogic, 
> and I see your
> point now.

When thinking about it again I assume that the precompiled webapp with
Tomcat should also work in any other JSP container, as long as you have the
Tomcat libraries in your classpath, because in the end your compiled JSPs
are just normal servlets.


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