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From "Laurent Brucher" <>
Subject Multiple source directories for one webapp
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 07:19:24 GMT
Hi all,

I guess this is not really new, but I haven't seen any concrete solution nor
much discussion about it.

So here's the problem:
one webapp composed of multiple pieces (jsp, html, css, etc.) located at
various locations on the filesystem.

I know, this goes against the servlet spec. but I've had a need for this
many times by now, especially under
development (our projects are broken down into various modules, each
contributing to creating a final webapp).
For production, an ant task will do the job putting all the pieces correctly
together. Under development,
I find it unpractical to run an ant task every time a jsp has been modified.

We started looking into replacing the resource context with a modified
version of the FileDirContext, with
good results so far. This modified version acts as a directory mapper and,
given a requested resource, provides
its correct location on the filesystem.

Before continuing further in that direction, I was wondering whether there
may be alternatives solutions
to the problem, and also what you guys think about all this?


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