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From "Grant Jennings" <>
Subject encodeURL does not support hostname aliases
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 05:58:39 GMT

I have a server that is running behind a firewall that sends a URL in a =
response that i need to encode with a session id because the clients =
don't support cookies. After looking at how encodeURL works, it only =
adds a session id if the URL matches the host, port and path of the =
current webapp.=20

Since the hostname of the server does not match the hostname in the URL, =
encodeURL never adds the session id.=20

Is this a bug? I would think that the expected behaviour would be that =
encodeURL should add session id if it matches the hostname or any alias =
for the host???

I tried mod_proxy with apache, but the URL is in the BODY of the =
response + it is not HTML so mod_proxy_html is no use.

Any ideas or does someone need to rewrite encodeURL to support aliases?


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