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From "Miguel Gesteiro" <>
Subject Problem with Tomcat 5.0.28 and big POSTs
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 07:25:37 GMT
Hello everybody,

we are having a strange problem with Tomcat getting big POSTs:

Linux (FC3)
Tomcat 5.0.28
SSL with a test certificate

We have written a servlet with only the "doPost" method wich receives POSTs
with a lot of parameters, 8 different (fixed) and all the rest repeated (the
same parameter many times: the "data records"). We have put a dumper valve
wich show us all the requests.

The problem is that sometimes the POSTs come in empty, we think, when they
are big enough (200 parameters or more -> 20Kb sized post). As we can't
"see" the raw http request (because of the ssled env.) we have to "believe"
what dumper valve says... The POSTs are generated with a Windows HTTP
library (Indy 9) wich we don't trust very much, from a windows env. probably
with all that SP2-firewal stuff (or others from McAfee, Norton or similar)
that may interfere with the tcp traffic.

* how does tomcat analyze a POST request (the TCP incoming stream)? Does it
"nullize" the entire POST when something is wrong? Is there any rule about
how does it expect the tcp traffic: continued or it could be chunked?
* is there any limit in the size of incoming requests? are theese
* is there any way to "see" the raw headers before tomcat analyzes it? (ssl
* how much does it interfere a slow, or unstable, or firewalled tcp

thanks in advance!

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