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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat and RMI client - setup
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 00:13:34 GMT

"Nikola Milutinovic" <> wrote in message
> Hi all.
> This might be a simple question. I have a working RMI client and server. I 
> have tested it no problem. Now I would like to make a JSP/Servlet that 
> will act as a RMI client and connect to the RMI server running outside 
> Tomcat JVM.
> I keep running into access permission violations. I understand that I need 
> to setup security policy, I had that for RMI. One thing than makes me 
> slightly suspicious, is the fact that when I debug TC/RMI combo, I can see 
> that my RMI client enters into setting up RMISecurityManager:
>                    if (System.getSecurityManager() == null) {
> goes in =>         System.setSecurityManager( new RMISecurityManager() );
>                    }
> Is that OK? I thought TC would setup security manager.

Setting an SM this late could cause wierd problems, depending on what 
permissions it doesn't grant, so it's probably at the least a bad idea.  TC 
only sets up the SM if you start it with '-security'.

> Now, my question is, what about Tomcat? If I want to run this, what do I 
> need to do?
> If I get it, I need to:
> - setup catalina.policy
> - run it with "-security" option
> I'm on Windows XP, how do I enable security mode  for TC?

That's the idea.  And, as a bonus, it works the same on Linux, Solaris, 
OS/X, .....

> Am I barking up the wrong tree?
> Nix. 

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