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From "Millies, Sebastian" <>
Subject Can a client recapture a session in Tomcat 4.1
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 14:57:29 GMT

Can a client recapture his Tomcat session after he
has accidentally closed the browser, provided that
the session object still exists on the server?

Would this be a browser-specific thing? After all,
I guess I'd need to tell the browser to persist
the session cookie or some such thing. Or would it
work browser-independently using URL-rewriting?

If there is such a mechanism, does it pose any
security concerns (e. g. through Tomcat reusing
a session-id for a totally different session?)

We're on Tomcat 4.1. Would the answer be any
different for Tomcat 5.0?

Thanks for any enlightenment or additional
pointers-. -- Sebastian

Sebastian Millies, IDS Scheer AG
Postfach 10 15 34, 66015 Saarbr├╝cken
Zi D1.16,
fon +49-681-210-3221, fax +49-681-210-1311

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