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From Annie Wang <>
Subject Re: question about load-on-startup in web.xml
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 03:54:24 GMT
thanks for the insights and suggestions chuck!

On 5/11/05, Caldarale, Charles R <> wrote:
> > From: Annie Wang []
> > Subject: Re: question about load-on-startup in web.xml
> >
> > any one know if there's a way to make webappY get installed before
> > webappX?
> As far as I can tell, the intent of the JSP and servlet specs is for web
> applications to be independent of both the container and each other.
> Since Tomcat is the reference implementation for the spec, the
> developers seem to avoid introducing many Tomcat-unique features that
> would reduce application portability.  The load-on-startup tag is part
> of the servlet spec, defined to control instantiation of servlets within
> an app, not across apps.
> If you want to synchronize application deployment, I think you're going
> to have to do that within the app itself, possibly with context
> listeners to minimize inter-app dependencies.  You'd probably want to
> use reflection to make references to whatever class or object you
> synchronize on, otherwise you're going to have problems independently
> updating the apps without taking Tomcat down.  Another option, of
> course, is to extend the existing deployOnStartup mechanism to do what
> you want.  After all, this is open-source.
> Or maybe there's some neat trick I haven't found yet.
> > what determines the install order?
> These references only partially answer the question:
> oying%20on%20Tomcat%20startup
> ic%20Application%20Deployment
> My somewhat less than rigorous experimentation seems to indicate that
> apps are deployed serially, not in parallel, but I haven't tried to
> figure out what determines the order.
>  - Chuck
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