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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Tomcat optimization... saving internal strings with character encoding at compile time.
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 19:41:41 GMT

Another area that I'm noticing that Tomcat is spending a LOT of time in 
is with character encoding.  Its not a ton of time but its really 
showing up as one of the top 20 areas of our webapp.

Internally its either storing text as a java.lang.String or with 
genStrAsCharArray ... a char array

Most people are probably using a fixed character encoding.  For example 
we use UTF8.  I doubt they're changing charset on the fly.

Its a waste of CPU to continually encode these strings.  This isn't just 
theoretical as I'm seeing our webapp do this internally via JProfiler.

Why not have strings fixed to a character coding at runtime?  While this 
would yield inflexibility it would increase performance.

This could be a new feature called genStrAsEncodedByteArray... which 
would just store the string as a byte[] and output it directly.

The only thing that would need to be encoded in this setup would be 
dynamic strings from EL.

It would also save more memory for English text since strings no longer 
are stored in 32bit but just UTF8 encoded 8 bit values.

It would slow down compile time though because Jasper would now need to 
call toByteArray() on all your strings.




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