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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: The amazingly slow performance of JSP (profiler results)
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 21:49:07 GMT
Dakota Jack wrote:

>You have to be and are comparing apples and oranges, Kevin, 
Perhaps... but my point was that JSP 2.0 doesn't HAVE to be this slow! :)

>JSP *is* Java.  DOH!  It cannot run slower than what it is.  
No.. it could run slower... I'm sure the Tomcat developers will find a 
way ;)

>probably are comparing just running a Java method like setFoo(String
>foo) { = foo; } where the parameter foo has the value "bar". 
>But, this is really misleading.  The "simple" code you write with
><c:set var="foo" value="bar"/> in fact is just as complex as what you
>see and have provided in your email.  So, if you want to compare, you
>have to do all that the code you see as *ugly* does.  
No ... of course not!  For example a JSP 1.x scriptlet would NOT be 
anywhere near as slow!

>If you don't
>want to do all that, don't.  But, that is not a problem with JSP and
>JSP is not a dog if used properly.  
Ha... so what's properly?  Don't use c:set?  Don't use c:if ?...

>That's all I have to say about

OK forest :)



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