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From Tim Diggins <>
Subject Re: welcome file handling
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 10:18:16 GMT
Don't know about the difference, but a couple of potential workarounds:

1) could be to have your welcome page just be the default index.jsp and 
have it just contain a redirect to the relevant page (but this will mean 
a response-request roundtrip for your user).

2) alternatively you could include a <base href="(absolute url)"> in the 
body of your frameset, but this would add a dependency on your server 
name, port, and context path in your html (yuck), but you could get 
around this with something from JSTL (which I don't know so well, but 
something like <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
<c:url value="dir1/dir2/index.jsp"/>).


Jureczky Bálint wrote:
> Hello All,
> We had problems with welcome-file handling after Tomcat upgrade. The welcome
> file points to page like /dir1/dir2/index.jsp. The page is found despite the
> fact that the servlet specification says leading / is not allowed, this is
> valid in all Tomcat versions I know. 
> The exact problem is that the behavior when I try to access webapp/dir1 via
> browser is different in tomcat versions 4.1.29 and 5.0.28. In 5.0.28 the
> pages in the frames are not displayed, they are not found in 4.1.29.
> index.jsp uses framesets and relative paths to reference the elements of the
> frame. I had the idea that maybe the mechanism how the welcome files are
> displayed (redirect / forward) is changed, between the versions.
> Do you know what is the difference which causes this behavior? Do you know
> any workaround?
> Thank you,
> Balint Jureczky

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