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From Joakim Ahlén <>
Subject Re: Undeploying webapp on windows
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 07:39:08 GMT
Well, that didn't work.

The screenshot is at:


Joakim Ahlén wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess this question has come up a thousand times on this list, but i 
> still have no workaround for it so i need to get a tip or two from you 
> guys.
> We're using Tomcat 5.5.9 on Windows 2003 Server, and we cannot 
> hot-deploy webapps. The cause is one of our jar-files in WEB-INF being 
> locked, so the webapp cannot be undeployed. (The directory 
> webapps/<webapp>/ cannot be deleted).
> Now, i've scanned the net a lot about this problem and have tried lots 
> and lots of stuff.
> - Stopping the webapp before trying to remove the 
> webapps/<webapp>/-directory does NOT work.
> - Using reloadable="true", antiJARLocking="true" 
> antiResourceLocking="true" in the context.xml for each webapp does NOT 
> work.
> We have about 75 (almost identical) webapps or so running on our server. 
> With the software "Process Explorer" from sysinternals 
> (, i can see all open 
> files in the system. On any given time, "tomcat5.exe" has one jar-file 
> in each of about 3-5 webapps open with a file handle. These are never 
> closed, but open for as long as tomcat lives (or at least, for a very 
> long time. Hours or days.)
> Now, i know what is said about this problem. "It's an OS problem, not a 
> tomcat issue". I can't understand that though, since:
> - Hot deploy worked perfectly under windows with tomcat 4.1.X. What has 
> changed since then?
> - Tomcat evidently has several file handles open to these jar-files 
> which it doesn't close. Isn't the problem this, that tomcat doesn't 
> close the file handles to its opened jar-files?
> I can close these file handles manually from within process explorer, 
> but then tomcat goes berserk and nothing works.
> Is there anything i'm missing here?
> Isn't there any way whatsoever to be able to use hot deploy under 
> windows today?
> Why doesn't antiJARLocking and antiResourceLocking work at all, i 
> thought these should adress this particular problem?
> I'm attaching a screenshot of the open files from within process explorer.
> Hope you can help me!
> Regards
> Joakim
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