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From Fred Cook <>
Subject Re: tomcat stopped
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 18:15:29 GMT

servlet-api.jar does seem to work.

How we found servlet.jar... we googled, which came 
from a compile error.  The only references were to servlet.jar.  The two 
versions of servlet.jar were quite old.. 1999 and 2001 if I remember 
correctly, which caused me concern, but it is all we found.

Thanks for the help.


Wendy Smoak wrote:

> From: "Fred Cook" <>
>> 2) We had the CLASSPATH set to point to servlet.jar (needed to 
>> compile the test program).  This was the main problem, which might 
>> bring up a versioning question.  We are running RH 8.0 on this 
>> machine with Tomcat 5.5.7 and apache 2.0.53.  What is the correct 
>> version of servlet.jar that should be run with this version of Tomcat 
>> and Apache?
> Well... I don't think it's called servlet.jar anymore.  A quick look 
> shows no servlet.jar file in the Tomcat 5.5.9 download.  I believe the 
> file you want is servlet-api.jar .  (I'm still on 4.1, so I'm 
> guessing...)
> You could also download the "official" API from Sun, and compile 
> against that.  It's not that you need to compile against a specific 
> version of _Tomcat_, it's that you need to compile against the right 
> version of the Servlet Specification.  In your case, Tomcat 5.5 is 
> Servlet 2.4, so make sure that's what you're using.
> Where did you get the 'servlet.jar' file that you were using?  Maybe 
> it does contain the right stuff, but those strange NoClassDefFound 
> errors you were getting made me suspicious.

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