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From Bill Winspur <>
Subject Configuring Separate Instances Using CATALINA_BASE
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 18:20:31 GMT
I'm experimenting with creating a separate Tiomcat instance from the 
distribution, using
$CATALINA_BASE, with the goal of setting up an instance that provides 
the admin and
manager apps distributed with Tomcat, plus my own applications. At 
present progress is
slow because I am unsure of how to provide the manager and admin apps in 
my new

I started with O'Reilly's Tomcat book (very useful), which on p 56, has 
a section 'Relocating
the Web Applications Directory' . Unfortunately, the book does not 
mention that the /shared
directory is also located via $CATALINA_BASE, and does not discuss 
relocating the admin
and manager apps or why they occupy their own /server/webapps directory, 
instead of just
residing in /webapps).

Various howto's on non-jakarta, mostly edu, sites have filled the 
picture in somewhat, but I still
do not know why the /server directory is used to hold the admin and 
manager apps in the distribution.

Also, the following from the tomcat documentation Introduction is very 

    /Throughout the docs, you'll notice there are numerous references to
    *$CATALINA_HOME*. This represents the root of your Tomcat
    installation. When we say, "This information can be found in your
    $CATALINA_HOME/README.txt file" we mean to look at the README.txt
    file at the root of your Tomcat install./

    /These are some of the key tomcat directories, all relative to

        * /*/bin* - Startup, shutdown, and other scripts. The |*.sh|
          files (for Unix systems) are functional duplicates of the
          |*.bat| files (for Windows systems). Since the Win32
          command-line lacks certain functionality, there are some
          additional files in here./
        * /*/conf* - Configuration files and related DTDs. The most
          important file in here is server.xml. It is the main
          configuration file for the container./
        * /*/logs* - Log files are here by default./
        * /*/webapps* - This is where your webapps go/.

In fact, it seems that /conf /logs, and /webapps are actually resolved 
by tomcat as relative to $CATALINA_BASE,
which is set by tomcat to the value in CATALINA_HOME if it is not 
explicitly specified when tomcat is launched.


    * I have not been able to find a section of the documentation that
      deals with setting up usage-specific instances by exploiting
      $CATALINA_BASE. Can somebody direct me to the documentation if it
    * Should admin and manager be copied and to and installed in a
      special-purpose-instance's /webapps directory, or can they be
      safely shared from the distribution by all instances that need them?
    * What is the rationale for installing admin and manager under
      /server in the distribution ?
    * Is /server interpreted relative to $CATALINA_BASE or $CATALINA_HOME

Thanks for your attention,


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