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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: JK load balancer question
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 07:10:02 GMT

yes, you can configure the new status worker (>= jk 1.2.10) and used the 
new ant JkStatusUpdateTask (Tomcat 5.5.9)
for active configuration. But the disabled flag don't stopp the complete 
traffic. Only stop that
no new session create requests to the disabled worker. But I have 
implement a stopped flag at jk 1.2.11 that really
stopp the complete traffic (Ant Task also avialable at 5.5.10 cvs head). 
This mode is very helpful at the Cluster szenario.

I hope you use the Tomcat 5.5.9 with my cluster patches!


Hirode, Kartheek V. schrieb:

>Hello all
>We are planning on using a cluster of Tomcat instances behind an Apache
>server, load balanced with the JK connector. Everything is pretty
>standard except:
>(a) we'd like to turn OFF and ON the traffic coming into the Tomcat
>instances based on certain conditions. Plus we'd like to turn ON and OFF
>*programmatically*, i.e. the Tomcat instance notifies the Apache (JK) to
>START and STOP sending traffic as conditions change
>(b) To reiterate again, the key thing is that we'd like to notify
>*programmatically* from the Tomcat to the Apache JK. 
>We've looked at the JK connector docs
>The attribute called "disabled" seems to do exactly that, but it is set
>in the file and is read during startup of the Apache.
>Is there a way to modify this attribute during runtime, with an API-like
>Thank you and best regards
>-- Kartheek Hirode
> Hub Services
>   Tel: 208.396.9031       Fax: 208.396.7770

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