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From Lutz Zetzsche <>
Subject Re: DBCP datasource works on 5.0.28 but fails on 5.5.9
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 21:42:26 GMT
Hi Steve,

Am Sonntag, 22. Mai 2005 22:58 schrieb Steve Kirk:
> Thanks again Nix, but latest mysql driver is *definitely* in
> %catalina_home%\common\lib :

Did you check that the MySQL driver is only there and not additionally 
in a second directory, i.e. WEB-INF/lib, which could confuse Tomcat?

> - mysql works from the command line using my datasource username/pw;

Are you really using the correct URL to connect to the database? Are 
host name, port and database name ok? I.e. the database name is 
case-sensitive (at least on Linux, check it on Windows)!

Are you running Tomcat with Security Manager? Then you may have missed 
to set the necessary security rules for connecting.

> I'm almost tired of looking - if I can't solve it tomorrow, I'll be
> (very reluctantly) setting aside TC 5.5 and carrying on with 5.0.28. 
> I don't want to do that, because 5.0.28 has some sesssion management
> bugs I'd like to get past, and also because I've now spent 3 days
> trying to make 5.5 work.

Perhaps you can post your exact configuration here, anonymizing user and 
password values. What did you configure where? I.e. where is the 
context file in which you did the relevant entry? Etc.

Bet wishes


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