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From ". ." <>
Subject tomcat
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 00:33:42 GMT
Sorry if my last post didn't make much sense toward the end.

Where is there a good clean download unpack install doc for installing jdk 1.4.2 on solaris
9 with tomcat 5.0?

My programmer squad has magnolia and it installs tomcat 5 which needs 
jdk 1.4.2.

I am new webserver admin.  What is this crazy unix daemon stuff under setup?

I think this stuff rocks.  I have through osmosis somehow figured out 
JkMount but am still wondering what happens to my site when I send 
everything JkMount /* over to /tomcat/webapps and then JkUnMount 
/*.jpg and /*.gif ?  Will content from the webapp be all jpg n gif or will this mess up stuff
like cascade style sheets etc.

Anyone use magnolia?

Also what happens when you set apache DocumentRoot to /tomcat/webapps? this seems like a nice
trick but will it cause problems?

Does anyone here use tomcat by itself for major production site?  The docs say it can use
SSL, and the gentleman above said that it can be made secure.

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