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From "Akoulov, Alexandre [IT]" <>
Subject RE: Recent spam
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 08:29:36 GMT
Thanks Mark and Co. for fixing the problem

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Thomas []
Sent: Wednesday, 18 May 2005 4:59 PM
Subject: Recent spam


Just a quick update on the recent issues.

1. The spam with German subject messages has been blocked by the 
infrastructure folks updating the anti-spam rules on the Apache list 

2. The New Atlanta List Server messages were blocked by me as soon as I 
saw them (Monday evening UK time). Due to the load on the list servers 
the unsubscribe message took about 10 hours to get through and another 
10 hours to confirm. Since (as much as I'd like not to have to work for 
a living) I don't monitor my Apache e-mail 24x7 it wasn't sometime early 
Wednesday morning (UK time) that the messages were finally blocked.

A couple of more general points about spam:
1. Sending messages of the form "Is anyone else getting this spam?" only 
makes matters worse. If you want to check what is appearing on the list, 
use one of the list archives available on the web.

2. If you think the list owners haven't noticed a problem, send a 
message to Chances are we have 
seen the problem and are on the case but an extra heads up never hurt.

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