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From Kory L <>
Subject Auto-Deployment Problems (Real Version)
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 17:38:55 GMT


  I've been trying to deploy my application into Tomcat and can get it to work
just fine.  However, as I make additional changes to the classes within my WAR,
re-deploying them causes Tomcat to delete virtually every file within the
webapps directory.  Here's the flow of what's happening:

  1) Deploy myapp.war into Tomcat's webapp directory.
  2) Start up Tomcat.  Tomcat sees the myapp.war file and explodes the WAR into
the "myapp" directory under webapps.
  3) I make changes to the code.
  4) After creating a new myapp.war, I use my deployment process to deploy the
application using the Tomcat Ant Tasks or simply by copying the file into the
        <target name="deploy-tomcat">
                <echo message="Deploying MyApp to ${tomcat.url}"/>
                <deploy url="${tomcat.url}" username="${tomcat.user}"
                        path="/${}" war="${build.dir}/${}.war"
  5) Tomcat sees this new myapp.war and promptly deletes everything in the
"webapps/myapp" directory, except for /WEB-INF/lib/axis.jar.  Of course, this
causes my application to die horribly, and only a removal of the
"webapps/myapp" directory and another (re-)deployment (along with a restart of
apache) will fix the situation.

  Does anyone know why this is happening?  If it makes a difference, this is
running on a windows box.



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