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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: tomcat stopped
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 22:13:43 GMT
From: "Fred Cook" <>

> We just use cp to get "foo.war" into the webapps dir.  But we shut down
> tomcat first, then restart it.
> The exact steps:
> We build our test app under a  "/home" file system, then cp the .war
> file to the Tomcat webapps dir , Tomcat is under the same "/home" file
> system.
> Shut down Tomcat.
> Startup Tomcat.
> Go to //localhost:8080/foo/ with FireFox, we see a blank screen.

This is based on my experience with Tomcat 4.1.  If you're using 5, things
might be different.  That said, try this:
   1. shut down Tomcat
   2. delete the 'myapp' directory under webapps
   3. copy the new myapp.war file into webapps
   4. start Tomcat

I assume you have Tomcat configured to explode the .war file.  If you don't
delete the directory, Tomcat won't ever explode your new .war file.
(Alternately, configure it to run from the un-exploded .war file.)

> It concerns me that the Manager does not run from localhost:8080 or
anything else for that matter.
> I think the first step maybe to get Tomcats home page links working.

Did it ever work?  Do you get the authentication challenge? Did you add a
user to tomcat-users.xml with the correct roles?

Are you certain you're compiling against the same version of servlet.jar (or
the equivalent) that you're running with?

Wendy Smoak

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