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From "Parsons Technical Services" <>
Subject Removal from List
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 18:41:40 GMT
Dear Sir,

I am a user of the Tomcat List and noticed a large number of emails from 
you. It appears that someone subscribed you to the list and you 
inadvertently confirmed the subscription or someone has access to your 
email. As an IT person who deals with security I recommend you have someone 
check your security and that you scan your system and that you change all of 
your passwords.

As for the List subscription, if you will look at the bottom of the emails 
you will see a link where you can send an email to unsubscribe yourself. As 
this list is staffed by volunteers and the person with the access needed to 
remove you may not get you request for several days, this would be your best 
course of action. If after attempting this you are unable to unsubscribe, 
please post to the list explaining you have tried to unsubscribe and have 
been unsuccessful. At that point as soon as a person with the needed access 
gets your message they can assist you in removing your email from the list.

As a user of this list it is always a concern when someone wants off the 
list and is unable to do so. As this reflects poorly on the List even though 
it is out of the lists control that you were subscribed in the first place.

Doug Parsons
Tomcat User 

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