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From "Steve Kirk" <>
Subject RE: Minimal server
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 18:35:48 GMT

Thanks Will - I had not heard of embedded TC before.  Interesting, and a
nice piece of innovation too.

Hence why I misunderstood the thread earlier (sorry).

This could be very useful.  If I've understood correctly, I can somehow
bundle together my existing TC webapp along with the tc-embedded code,
compile a jar that contains them both, and distribute that as a complete
"system", and when the user double-clicks, it runs a very lightweight
version of tc, running my webapp only, in the user's browser?  If so that
will be a great way to distribute a TC webapp for testing, because as long
as you don't have too many testers, this saves having to set up a separate
test server.

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> From: Will Hartung [] 
> Sent: Tuesday 24 May 2005 17:38
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: Minimal server
> > From: "Steve Kirk" <>
> > Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:02 AM
> > I don't see how you will do that without installing some 
> kind of dynamic
> > webserver on each PC, whether that be apache-hpptd, tomcat, 
> or other, plus
> > the web application (which needn't be servlets, it could be 
> perl based).
> And
> > if you are going to do that, what's wrong with installing tomcat?
> If the goal is to write an, essentially, stand alone 
> application that just
> happens to be browser based, then you don't want to "install 
> tomcat" per se,
> rather you just want to have an HTTP based core around which 
> you can wrap
> your application. Its not designed to be a general purpose
> application/webserver, rather a very application specific server.
> It also allow the application to be distrubted as either a 
> simple, complete
> Jar file, or perhaps wrapped in a .exe. When the user clicks 
> on the icon,
> the application launches a browser to the applications "home page".
> Now, if he just wants to distribute a WAR, as a central 
> service for several
> users, then, yes, its easier to have the client simply 
> install tomcat (or
> bundle it in their installer), and deploy the war. But for a 
> client side,
> browser based application, embedding can very quite viable.
> Regards,
> Will Hartung
> (
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