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From "Steve Kirk" <>
Subject RE: What happened to the searchable list archive?
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 20:58:10 GMT
Hi Mark,

Eyebrowse was the place that I used to rely on for searching, when I was
active on the list up until a few months back.  When I returned to the list
last week, I found that eyebrowse no longer seemed to be in use, hence I
checked out the official TC site to see what might now replace it.

I started here: 

Then clicked "mailing lists" towards the bottom of the left hand menu, which
took me here: 

And from there I scrolled down to the "Table of Contents" section and
clicked the "Tomcat" link near the bottom of the page, which took me here: 

Finally, from there I clicked "archive" under the list of tomcat-user links,
which took me here, which is what I think you are calling ASF, and what I
was referring to as "the official archive": 

The page above is fine for browsing archived messages, but I can't see a
search link like there used to be on eyebrowse.  Clearly you can use google
to site-search these archive pages, like you can on any site, but it's a
little unwieldy to use, hence why I started this thread.

In going through this all again so that I could quote the links above, I now
see that Marc's site and mail-archives are both already linked at a high
level from the generic apache mail archive page( ), so apologies for not seeing
those earlier.  However, I didn't spot this the first few times I looked, so
I'd still suggest that in the interests of user friendliness, it might be
worth linking from the TC pages at more
directly to the search pages that I mentioned in my last post, as well as
any others, given that the "official" archive page does not seem to have its
own search.

Hope this helps, 


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Thomas [] 
> Sent: Sunday 22 May 2005 21:18
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: What happened to the searchable list archive?
> Steve Kirk wrote:
> > If anyone involved in producing the Tomcat project 
> documentation is reading
> > this, I would suggest maybe linking these sites from the 
> official mailing
> > list pages, as alternatives to the official archive?
> Which pages are you talking about? If you can give me a URL I 
> can look 
> into getting it changed.
> For the record, eyebrowse is now disabled and ASF has moved over to 
> mod_mbox (
> Mark
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