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From Josh Berry <>
Subject Premature EOF exception.
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 20:51:38 GMT
I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere, I have been unable to find
any answers, though.  Hopefully, I am just investigating the wrong

We are currently running some applications that hit a web application
being served by Tomcat and under heavy load we are receiving a
Premature EOF in responses from the server.  It is as if the server
just gives up on the socket under heavy use.  I have found that
changing to a 4.x version of Tomcat instead of a 5.x will cause the
problem to go away.  Unfortunately, I do not know if we can enforce
this in all environments our application will be run in.

If there is any other information I need to supply, please let me
know.  Thanks for any help,

Josh Berry

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