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From Pete Stevens <>
Subject RE: Tomcat + Apache Web Server
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:18:16 GMT
> Consider the following Apache modules:
> mod_headers
> mod_expire
> mod_deflate
> I've never seen a web application that wouldn't benefit from one or all
> of these modules. And the performance improvements would likely more
> than outweigh any overhead.
> If Tomcat provides any of the functionality of mod_headers, mod_expire,
> or mod_deflate, it's news to me. So, why reinvent the wheel (e.g. w/ a
> filter) when this functionality is available in Apache?
> I'm still unconvinced that running Apache in front of Tomcat isn't
> almost always a good thing. But I'm listening if someone can convince me
> otherwise.

Configuring Tomcat is a challenge. Configuring Tomcat + mod_jk + apache is
even more of a challenge (see the number of posts on this list alone!). The
chance of you dropping a security screw-up into the more complicated setup is
much higher than the simple set up.[*] Unless you really need the performance
benefit of the above modules - and many many people don't - why go to the
extra setup effort, and extra risk of making mistakes?

My benchmarks showed that on cheap new hardware (P4, 2.5Ghz) that apache and
tomcat were both capable at webserving at a speed that would cost me a fortune
in bandwidth and any delay would be in the application code, not the
performance of the webserver. My tomcat install survived a direct slashdot
without issue, so all I care about is manageability, performance (for me) is a
solved problem.

Of course, if you're trying to run something the size of ebay it's a little


[*] Pick a random website running java. Try to download Be scared how often it succeeds.

Pete Stevens

             I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad, I take something for it.
                                                                   -- Anonymous

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