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From Mark <>
Subject WAR files and web.xml
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 13:26:37 GMT
I have a question concerning the generation of a war file and my
web.xml file.  I want to create a WAR file for my web application
using Ant, and place my web.xml file into the WAR file.  The problem I
have is that once the web.xml file is placed into the web.xml file,
users/admins will not be able to make changes to the configuration
parameters in the web.xml file.
For instance, I have a servlet that I load at tomcatstartup and it
reads configuration information from the web.xml.  Now if the web.xml
file has to be placed into the WAR file, a customer will not be able
to customize the values contained in the web.xml file.

So, am I missing something, or is this how everything is supposed to work?  

Thank you.

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