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From Daniel Watrous <>
Subject context path question
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 17:40:33 GMT

I am have written some filters for a shopcart application.  I intend
for parts of this applicaiton to be reused in other web applications
by including it as a JAR file.

For authentication I have the file AdministratorAuthFilter, which
checks for a session value indicating that the user has logged in. 
The trouble comes with the following line:


My development application is simplecart and so when I deploy to
tomcat I have a URL like "http://localhost:8080/simplecart/" which
serves as my root.  If I include this filter in another application as
part of a JAR that application will end up with another root, such as
"http://localhost:8080/mycart/".  So the line above in my filter that
includes the literal "simplecart" breaks.

I have searched for something related to the context or context path.
All suggestions appreciated.


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