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From "Jackson, Jon" <>
Subject Tomcat5, Windows Service, and procrunner (Tomcat.exe)
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 19:45:43 GMT
Hi List,

I am setting up Tomcat as a service, and one of my applications has a
dependency on the environment of the host to run properly.

I had some issues with the environment not being accessible to the
service, so that any system environment variables values were not
available to my web apps.

I solved this by running Tomcat.exe, with the //US param, and specifying
my environment vars explicitly for the service:

Tomcat.exe //US//Tomcat5 --Environment CORVETTE_HOME=c:\websdk

This page --
Proved very helpful in determining how to control the service
environment.  However, I'm curious where the values are actually stored
when set.  I checked the Tomcat directory for changed files, and I
checked the service params in the registry, and the Tomcat params in the
registry, and am unable to find this out.  Does anybody know where the
values are stored?

Jonathan Jackson 

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