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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: tomcat connectors
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2005 08:21:27 GMT
Patty O'Reilly wrote:
> Thanks very much for responding. I'm still stuggling with an ever
> growing number of connections to the apache server and an ever growing
> number of threads on my tomcat server. I'm fairly certain it is
> not the application. I have all three timeouts set but no joy.
> worker.ifa-prod.jweb1.cachesize=1
> worker.ifa-prod.jweb1.cache_timeout=600
> worker.ifa-prod.jweb1.socket_keepalive=1
> worker.ifa-prod.jweb1.socket_timeout=300
> worker.ifa-prod.jweb1.recycle_timeout=300

You are probably using prefork mpm, so there is no way to
control the number of connections to Tomcat in any way, trough
mod_jk. You can limit it only by setting MaxClients in the httpd.conf
to the maximum number desired.
Because of pre-forking mechanism each child process will eventually
establish a single connection to Tomcat, thus the number of connections
will rise from StartServers to MaxClients.

So there are two solutions for prefork.
1. Make maxThreads==MaxClients
2. Add connectionTimeout="20000" to AJP connector.

The leter one will recycle inactive connections, but degrade
the performance.


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