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From "t.n.a." <>
Subject tomcat/apache/mod_jk/multiple tomcat apps, port 80
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:34:12 GMT
Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting Apache to forward requests to two webapps deployed on
Tomcat. Tomcat alone works fine (webapps work on port 8080), and apache
seems to forward requests to other servlets on my ISP's server the way it should.

Some snippets of configuration files I got from my hosting company are confusing -
Tomcat isn't generating mod_jk.conf (in {tomcatdir}/conf/auto or anywhere
else), apache is using  mod_jk with jk.conf which has a worker configuration,
but no JkMount directives in apache.conf. This works for other people, but
not for me. It seems to me that somewhere there is a JkMount *.jsp ajp13
directive in apache.conf - our applications use Tapestry so there's no effect, apache handles requests to my apps instead of tomcat, when using port 80.

My guess is that JkMount is the proper way to configure mod_jk for my
VirtualHost, how to use it for Tapestry applications?

Thanks for your time,

The tomcat server admin tells me it might have something to do with having separate apps in
subdirectories of public_html, each of which has it's own web.xml, but I don't believe this
to be the problem: deploying an app in the public_html folder doesn't change server behaviour.

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