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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: Application-level control of web-resources
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 13:45:47 GMT
QM wrote:
(snip :)
> : to know your thoughts regarding pregenerating JSP or velocity templates 
> : such that the decoration (and content inclusion) happens prior to runtime.
> I don't think I understand what you're after here, but it's a little
> early in the morning for me =) 
> Please, explain again.
> : For example, we use XSLT to pregenerate the pages (managed through our 
> : CMS) so that as much as possible exists in the page/template. This 
> : leaves only what is *required* to be dynamic for runtime. Thoughts? (I 
> : can take it :)
> I suppose what I don't understand is, what is "dynamic" here?  Are you
> talking a menu that's regenerated at each request (in case new menu
> items have been added) or something else?

(Perhaps I should have changed the subject line)

Are you familiar with apache Forrest? You know how they generate a 
static site, right? Well, think of that, but instead generating XHTML it 
generates Velocity or JSP pages to be used on a live site (after going 
through a QA site first, of course :). In a way, it is a cache. (Our CMS 
does the similar things as Forrest)

In the case of new menu items being added, it is done through the CMS 
(or by hand) and all of the appropriate pages that need to contain that 
item are re-pre-generated.

For example, we have a web app that has quite a few (80-90%) content 
heavy pages where the only thing that needs to be dynamic is the user's 
username displaying and that user's particular choice of CSS files. 
Instead of  'decoratorating' at runtime, it is already decorated, the 
content already exists on the page and the only dynamic things are 
minor. XSLT is used for decoration prior to runtime. At runtime (I guess 
a term left over from my CDROM days), no XSLT is used, rather the 
pregenerated Velocity page/templates (or JSP, but angle brackets tend to 
make for more work with regard to XSLT/XML).


> -QM

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