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From "t.n.a." <>
Subject Re: Tomcat taking 125 seconds to launch
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 09:03:14 GMT
Michael Mehrle wrote:

> The configuration is a modified version of appfuse 1.5 (struts and 
> hibernate) - so this should give you a good idea of how it is 
> structured. FYI: on my development machine here at home Tomcat starts 
> in 28 seconds - identical project and configuration.

A fairly long time, any way you cut it. It takes about 6-9s on my Athlon 
1900+ (using JDK 1.5), and a couple of seconds more on my laptop (even 
though the laptop has a 2.8GHz P4!, but runs blackdawn jdk 1.4).
Just a wild guess, but it seemes to me that you have a 2-minute timeout 
on something, and than tomcat normally loads in 5-6s.

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