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From Steve Bosman <>
Subject URL encoding/decoding of UTF-8 characters
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 14:27:10 GMT
I raised this on the struts mailing list and had no joy there, but
since then I've found out that it appears to be a tomcat specific

The struts 1.1. application I am working on has some frameset stuff
(which I personally hate, but some things you are forced to live
with), occasionally frames within the frameset are set with parameters
in the URL which is output using html:rewrite (normally as the result
of failed actions). If a parameter has UTF-8 characters, e.g.
5-апр-2005 this is encoded as this:


By the time the date arrives in my ActionForm the value is now
5-апÑ?-2005. I have tried this on weblogic, websphere and oc4j and
it returns the correct string using those servers. This application is
running on tomcat 5.0.28 and what I would like to know is: is this a
struts problem, a tomcat problem or my problem and if so does anyone
have suggestions as to how to fix it?

thanks for any help,

Steve Bosman

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