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From Juan Luo <>
Subject class loader question
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:15:11 GMT

This is Judy.  I have a question regarding tomcat
class loader.  Now I am a server administrator. This
server is used to support the university teaching.  A
class of students use this server for their homework
and projects.  They write servlets and then put their
servlets in the shared directory of the server. 
Everybody puts files in the shared directory so that
it is a kind of mess.  Now I want every student to put
their own servlets in their own home directory.  To do
this, I think I need to create a context in the
server.xml file for each student so that the class
loader can automatically load the servlet class from
the student's home directory.  My question is: instead
of writing a context for every student,  is there any
way to write only one context, the class loader can
automatically load servlets for all students from
their own home directories?

Thanks a lot for your attention.  Any
suggesiton/comment is highly appreciated.

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