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From "Sander A. Smith" <>
Subject Adding Connectors to embedded Tomcat on the fly
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 20:57:40 GMT
I've got an embedded Tomcat application that's running on 5.0.24 and 
it works great. Something I need to do is open and close ports while 
the application runs. The documentation says that you can do this on 
the fly in the form of adding/deleting Connectors to the Embedded 
object. I've got this up and running, although I have noticed that the 
Connectors are in a inactive state when first added, and must be 
initialized. I couldn't figure out if I must call start() or initialize
() so I call both.

Anyway, things are working fine until I try to open a secure port. I 
have secure ports that were created at startup, so I know that the 
infrastructure (ie how I create the connectors, the state of my 
keystore, etc) is okay. 

When I call start() on a secure connector I'm getting an exception 
that says: C:\Documents and 
Settings\Sander\.keystore (The system cannot find the file specified)

This seems odd because it is trying to go after the default keystore 
(which doesn't exist, mine is named something else). I'm verifying 
that I've properly set the keystore file in the connector, but this 
seems to be ignored.

Any ideas why this is happening and my keystore is being ignored?


Sander A. Smith

Sericon Technology Inc.
71 Marquette Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1X8

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