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From "Guy Katz" <>
Subject RE: still not clear with connection pooling in tomcat
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 08:08:17 GMT
everything you need is here:

-----Original Message-----
From: Krishnakant Mane []
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 7:05 AM
Subject: still not clear with connection pooling in tomcat

hello all,
I am still a bit confused on the pooling issue in
I will be very happy if some one could explain
connection pooling with reference to my problems
listed below.
1. there are the jakarta commons libraries like the
dbcp etc in the catalina/common/lib directory.  how do
I take advantage of these libraries to use pooled
connections?  Wat I mean is that I found some
resources on google which did explain connection
pooling but those articles tryed to use some other
methods.  I know how to setup the tags in server.xml
but don't know what to do in a servlet and where to do
it after the commons jars are made available.
2. there were two tags in server.xml out of which one
is for the maximum pool of connections eg 100 500 etc.
 and the other tag is related to innactive
connections.  can some one explain? I am confused with
these two tags.
3. right now I am not using connection pooling and I
am opening connections in the init methods of my
servlets.  what changes should I make in my servlets
after a connection pool is established?
4. where should I initialise the context and lookup
the connection from the data source?
I will be happy if some one gives an example of just
the code snippad of using a pooled connection in a

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