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From "Francisco J. León" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat "forgets" a session attribute when reloading context
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:26:23 GMT
> It's possible that your User object is not serializing correctly.  As I
> understand things: when contexts are reloaded, the sessions are 
> serialized
> first, the context reloads, and the sessions are restored from their
> serialized form.   If one of your attributes doesn't make it through 
> this
> process, then the Session itself is not invalidated; you just don't 
> get that
> particular attribute back.  I've seen this happen on my own web-app.
Yes, this was indeed the problem. The fact that Strings are serialized, 
explains why
i was having this issue only with one object. I fixed this, thanks for 
all your answers


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