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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: One request per session
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:22:59 GMT
Do not use a browser for such testing. You have no way of knowing when the 
browser releases connections.

Use perl's LWP or wget in different processes to similuate multiple requests.


Brij Naald wrote:

> Hi,
> i'm trying to test a locking system for servlets. I've made a chain of 
> servlets which include each other:
> Servlet1 --> Servlet2 --> Servlet3
> When Thread1 is in Servlet2, it puts a lock on Servlet1. That way if 
> there is a new Request, this request (on thread2) wants to start with 
> servlet1. Since there is a lock on it, it has to wait.
> When Thread1 gets into servlet3 it releases the lock, and Tread2 can 
> start with Servlet1.
> This is what i've made already. (if there are any questions about this 
> already, please ask!)
> Now I wanted to test it like this:
> To test the lock, a thread in servlet2 sleeps for 20 seconds. So thread1 
> first executes servlet1, then goes to servlet2, waits for 20 seconds and 
> then goes on to servlet3. While thread1 is in servlet2 i have the time 
> to start a new request.
> Now what do I see: The first request starts with servlet1, then goes to 
> servlet2 and starts waiting 20 seconds. Now I push on the 
> 'previous'-button of my browser, and make a new request. This second 
> thread must wait since servlet1 is locked. This works. But now the 
> problem: when the first thread has waited 20 seconds, it doesn't go to 
> servlet3 anymore.
> --> Is there somekind of functionality that only one request per session 
> is allowed or something like that?
> Thanks!

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