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From C├ędric Buschini <>
Subject Re: Start and stop Tomcat + Cron
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:55:09 GMT
1/ Sorry having replied to an unrelated message.

2/ Yes Tomcat always run as root.

3/ I am newbie, so I will get info about 'wapper script'.

4/ uhmmm a newbie question : Where can I find these logs ..... sorry :s

QM wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 05:24:59PM +0100, C?dric Buschini wrote:
>: I'd like to stop and start my tomcat using cron so I added this in the 
>: root's crontab and /etc/crontab :
>: 00 22 * * * root /PATH/TO/JAKARTA/bin/
>: 02 22 * * * root /PATH/TO/JAKARTA/bin/
>1/ please post a *new* message when writing to the list.  Replying to
>an old (unrelated) message confuses thread-aware mailers, which makes
>your question harder to find (and thus answer).
>2/ does Tomcat always run as root?  That's just a side concern, but you
>probably don't want to do that.
>3/ You mentioned that all of the proper environment variables are set,
>but are they set just in root's shell? Keep in mind, cron is a barebones
>environment.  You'd do well to use wrapper scripts for cron jobs, such
>that the wrapper can set any needed env vars.
>4/ What are the messages in the error logs, cron logs, etc?  What
>"doesn't work?"

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