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From Shey Rab Pawo <>
Subject Re: Serving up a Flash file
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:08:32 GMT
You need to break things down and to see what the browser is doing,
what your server is doing, what the web application is doing and what
your business logic is doing.  These all have differing parts to play
in this kind of a situation.  The "URL" is merely the communication
between the browser and your web server.  Your web server can
cooperate with your web application and do anything it wants
independent of the actual "URL" returned.  The HTTP URL is not like a
FILE address.  I use a Struts action, which involves a URL like
"".  My web server, being aware I am
running Struts, notices that the URL ends in .do and sends the URL to
the Struts controller class, ActionServlet.  The Struts ActionServlet,
having read the configuration details for "",  sends the
request to a class I call ResourceAction.  ResourceAction is a request
processing class that retrieves resources like swf files and returns
them as an output stream to the client browser.  ResourceAction does
not care about the restrictions the server has in grabbing files and
can go anywhere on my server.  ResourceAction sees the name/value pair
"file=whatever.swf" and uses preprogrammed logic to go get the called

You can do this a lot of different ways.  This is one.  

Do you understand?  It is best to get an idea of how it all works. 
This takes a while.  You will get it but you have to make sure you
understand what is happening, if you want to keep from being confused.

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 00:03:40 -0800, Paul Erion <> wrote:
>     > Shey Rab Pawo <> wrote:
>     > Your conclusion is not correct.  What Mr. Bainbridge told you is true,
>     > but that does not restrict where you can store the files on the server.
> Ok, now I'm confused ...
>    [Bainbridge]: What you need to do is generate the Flash file in
>            in a directory that Jboss/Tomcat serves files from like
>            webapps\yourwebappname\flash_files or similar or
>            similar and then the value= in your embed needs to be
>            relative to the location of the JSP that includes the tag.
> My interpretation of the first part of the above is that the generated
> Flash files need to reside in the web app's directory structure.
> However, you're saying that that's not the case -- they can reside
> wherever on the server.  So, is it the second part of Mr. Bainbridge's
> statement that provides the clue for accessing these files?  That as
> long as the Flash file's path is specified relative to the location of
> the JSP (which includes the "embed" tag), then I'm good to go.
> Paul

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