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From "Richard Mixon (qwest)" <>
Subject RE: Need simple app to test tc5 session failover - please
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 23:10:13 GMT

I just spent a couple of weeks working with Filip Hanik to get session
replication and failover working correctly on Tomcat 5.5.7 (at least for
the specifics of my situation). Failover was working fine, though I did
have to use a special listener to handle the replication of the
"jvmRoute" suffix with MOD_JK properly. What was not working was when
one restarted the failed node - some exceptions would occur and it would
not pick up the load properly.

I wrote a simple test case application that just updated a counter in an
object stored in the session each time a request was submitted. The
application is tiny, but the supporting jar files make the zip file
about 4mb in size.

If you can receive such a large email attachment let me know and I'll
send it directly to you.

Let me know - Richard

Dan Carwin wrote:
> Hello Tomcat users and creators. Thank you all for helping out.
> Can anyone point to me a simple app that I can use to test if tomcat 5
> session failover is working? I don't think any of the standard tomcat
> examples will work. I tried numguess, but my guess count gets reset
> to 1 each time I fail over.
> I'm not a java programmer so I'm not able to write my own test app. I
> do know from the docs page that an app has to meet (at least) the
> following two requirements:
> 1. All your session attributes must implement
> 2. Make sure your web.xml has the <distributable/> element
> I'm using tomcat 5.0.30 on linux. I have just set up jk-based load
> balancing and uncommented the cluster section in the server.xml.
> Thanks very much,

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